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Check in time: 4pm

  • Check your email for the code to the front door (this will arrive by email before your check in day).  

  • Please unplug the security camera in the kitchen during your stay, and plug back in before you leave.

  • If the water is off when you arrive you can turn it on in the furnace room by turning the valve with the pink ribbon on it. 

  • If you plan to recycle (we encourage it), please separate paper from everything else during your stay, this is required at the dump.

  • We have a septic system.  Please do not flush any feminine hygiene products or anything outside of toilet paper down the loo!   

  • When you open the windows, flip the latches back down this will help keep the cottage mosquito free.


Check out time: 10am

  • Please take all garbage and recycling with you.  The landfill in Harcourt (five minutes drive) if you wish to use it, recyling is free to drop and garbage bags $2 each.  Opening times are on the fridge, and we will leave a guest pass card for you. Landfill locations and opening times are on the red card on the side of the fridge, take a picture to show the landfill operator if you like too.  Any alcohol bottles can be returned for deposits at the gas station in Wilberforce, all days apart from Wednesdays.

  • Please take unused food with you, this means condiments as well.  The fridge should be empty when you leave. 

  • If you unplugged the kitchen security camera, please plug it back in.

  • If you are renting in the winter, please turn off the water at the mains. Located downstairs in the workshop, the valve has a pink ribbon on it.

  • Please run the dishwasher on a quick cycle before you leave, tablets under the sink.

  • If you don't plug the security camera back in, we need to call around our local handyman to do it. This costs $75 and will be deducted from your deposit.

  • If you check out late, it may effect our cleaners who run on a tight schedule. In some cases we may need to compensate them for the disruption to their business.

  • Emergency / hospital / pharmacy numbers are on a fridge magnet on the side of the fridge.

  • There is a red first aid box on the shelf in the cupboard in the Mud Room.

  • The status of fire burning restrictions in the county is displayed in Wilberforce and outside the landfill. You may be limited to night burning, or be under a fire ban during your stay. A fire ban includes the fire pit, dock fire table and fireworks (prohibited at Pineridge).

  • Groceries / Alcohol: We have a Foodland and LCBO in Wilberforce, a few minutes' drive away. There is also a general store called Agnews with everything you can imagine - toys, souvenirs, ice cream, hardware... There is also a diner though at time of writing we are unsure if it will survive the lockdown.

  • In the event of a power outage, our generator will kick in. Key appliances will work, though some power outlets will not. Every Thursday at 9am the generator runs a self-test, this is nothing to worry about.

  • Please do not leave garbage outside - it could attract bears. On the plus side, you may see bears at the landfill! (Seen as recently as June 2020)

  • Please obey the local fire rules about day burning / night burning.

  • Please use plastic plates and glasses on the dock.

  • Please try to use biologically friendly toiletries, this is part of caring for our septic and maintaining the health of our lake.

  • Please respect our neighbours and keep dock noise to a minimum especially at night.


  • NO DOGS.


  • The water from the house is pumped in from the lake, filtered and UV treated. It is safe to drink from the taps, you may prefer the taste after using the Brita filter in the fridge.

  • Our water system makes the occasional sound of a bucket of water tipping over, it's most noticeable in the downstairs back bedroom. It's nothing to worry about!

  • We have Netflix that you can use, via the Apple TV. They will be signed in to our accounts or feel free to sign out and use your own.

  • Please use watercraft and inflatables at your own risk.

  • We have six adult lifejackets of varying sizes, though we do not have ones for small children.

  • We have a kayak, pedalboat and stand-up paddleboard that you are welcome to use.

  • The powerboat is off limits we're afraid, due to Ontario legislation.

  • If you run out of propane for the firetable or the BBQ, there are spare propane tanks in the potting shed in the driveway.

  • Please call or text us with any questions!  James 647-783-7749 / Meagan 647-677-1378.



 We are doing our best to make sure everyone had a safe time at Pineridge but we need you help!

  • COVID: Any used linens or towels please place in a garbage bag and leave in the workshop by the laundry machines.

  • Please take all garbage with you. 

  • Our local Foodland/LCBO need your business to keep afloat, however we would request that one person from your household does the shopping and you maintain social distancing and wear a mask while in local businesses to keep our small community safe. 

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